Monday, February 20, 2012

Cast of CharacterZzzz...


And now...some peotry! (we shall keep its shorts so azz not to bore you)

In conclusion!

In intransigent!

In effigy!

I bid you: A-doo!  (bless you!) 

Pink Otter
is an otter
who is pink
aptly named
don't you think?

the hippo
is a serious sort
is not something he would say
although he might think it.

Chickie What-zit
doesn't suffer fools
so what are you
still doing here?

Mango the Cat
if Mango the Cat
were a person, i would run
and be afraid.
Very afraid.

is a person
not a stuft animal or pet
she loves tv japan
and wishes she could understand korean
in order to better enhance
her tv viewing experiences

Old Bean
is not green
nor old
nor a bean
he is not mean
and prefers shorts
to jeans...
"nahwt i maine?"
(transylation for american's: "do you know what i mean?")

often blurts out 
things like 
"chimichanga!" or 
"gutentag"  or 
"why you...i oughta..."
Talking with her one wonders
if one is in a foreign country
or a 1930's screwball comedy.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Set Your Mind at "Wheeze!"

Oy Vey!!!
here you are again!!! 

hangins aroun like-a wet lawundry, waitins for me to write:  

speckstackular thing!!!

i hate to dissappear you, but:

that is not gonna happenings!!!

However, as they say:

Sit back, exlax, and enjoy the flight!!!

(O, the eggzilla
-rating sense of fleadom when you set your mind at "wheeze!")
Lastly, let me relieve you 
with Okaasan's ancient words of wizz


"to every time there is a season, to every season there is a tree, to every tree there is a leaf, and sometime that leaf an that tree even tho belonging to my nay-bore make a BEEEEEEEEG mess in my yard, droppingleafslikecrazyandihafftorakingiteveryday..."(okayokayokay, we gets the picture!) 

an one more thing: flush, flush, and flush again! (cannons to the left of me, cannons to the right of me...enuff already!!)

P.ssst. from Winston Churchill: "we have nothing to fear but the toilet blocking."

P.ssst. from Old Bean (said in overly dramatic tone)


P.ssst. from Pink Otter: you mean "spay"  ???

Friday, November 25, 2011

FUR-st in: * sH%! *

d()gg Sh%$...gr0S$!!!
M^ng()  tHe C^t hair hEEr:  

ye$$-turd-Day, on that bee-loved ho!!ydaY

wear c^tzz sitt a(round) bye tHe fffiRe wiLE

peep-hole g3TT dRUNK and w@TcH tee-vee

(o00O...thASS call3d [evv-ree-daaY!]


yee eye 3aw thE mOOst diZZ-gu3T-iNg s-eye-t:

a   "[d0gg  sh#$]"   


00ooOoo0), #he h0rrrrr0rrrrrrr!@#@$%$#


iye hAd 2 w@tTh, lickk a tRRain cr^-shING! 

in2 m-eye foo000OO0DD  boO0hLlL.....

C FUR yOuRs3lF!+

W^^RNing:::  ""CAVE^t emPPtoire!!!""  

Vid-E0 may n0t B s**t-able foR cHILdr#nn!!

thIS Izz *d-i$g**tiNgg*!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Goodbye!!! still hear?
Well, then, let the strained juice commence!

Several words, to be exact, have impermeated my thin king, just plopping onto my brain like leftover stew. 

Word stew, that is!!! 

Make of them what you will...a meal, snack or rancid cookie!

tantric  gobble  fizzle  dipthong  ruckus simpatico  abeyance  replete  citadel  plum forsooth  dastardly  aloha  torrid  walrus cheeseburger  bonobo  bounce!

(pop  bing  rouse  kvetch!)


Monday, September 26, 2011

O.B. (sessed)!

Haaayyy,,,,,(!!!)  O.B. (/GYN)

O.B. (wan kenobe)

O.B. (haaave!)

O.B. (hive)


O. B. (still my heart!)

(O.) B. C. N. U.!!! 

PS...F. U. N. E. X.??? 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Habba Dasha FUN!

Sorry my friend...
are you having glumm??

Here's an idea...dress in your finery, such as boa, glitter, or pirate, to run your blooze away!

Think of it...let your mind inspire to arduous heights! 

Hair like Marie Antoinette or Beet Hoven is most divine, like spires reaching towards the heaven. Poof out to let your true self shine!

If you have dog, especially of type boston terror, pug, or chi- 


(sigh...or, if you must, a cat)

fetch them immediately!!

to your side to share in your *glamour adventure*!

Kitty wigs are all the talkin to you, M@nG%!!!

Is your name, Perchance, or "Old Bean"??
Why, gentleman, gird your loins!!

Breeches? Wastecoat? Mon Uncle?

In your frippery and foppery, it goes without saying:

(                )

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sir Rounded!

Felicitations! And Feliz Navidad!!

there arr two kines ov peep-hole in the whirl: those who gizz you complimints, (ohh, yess, pleeze!) and THOSE WHO DONT (pffffffffffft)!!!

even tho you arr Sir Rounded by the latter, dont give up on us, baby... (see: David Soul)

you can do it!

wee beeleevz in yoo!


shut your mouf wif complaining, and get the ball on the stick!   (thank you, Okaasan)

and even if you cant, it doesn't really matter...

thats called, ABZURD, an has a great deal to-do with a mister Al Bear CaMoo, aminal rights activist, member ov the Pink Otter Party, and noted philatelist.

he was a large, fuzzy man, often seen dangling with cigarettes in bars


'e 'ad a 'ot of "ideas"........., if 'ou ''ow 'hat i 'ean!!!


bbe happe, and keep on truckin'!!!!!!!!!!!